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Michael Goldstein
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Park Avenue Liquor Shop (Awning) at 292 Madison Avenue

It was the age of flappers, bathtub gin and bootleggers, and December 5th 1933 was the day the 21st Amendment nullified the 18th and Prohibition legally came to an end. In 1934, the founders of the Park Avenue Liquor Shop took advantage of the change in legislation and opened their doors. Then in 1955, Herman J. Goldstein took over the reigns and it has remained with the Goldstein family ever since.

Now at 292 Madison Avenue, Park Avenue Liquor Shop is one of the country's premier wine and spirits retailers. Under the direction of its president, Michael Goldstein, it is well known for its extensive inventory of wines from the world over and an incredible collection of spirits, including a selection of single malt scotches that rivals any other on the east coast. However, it is the combination of our service and selection that makes us a renowned institution among discriminating consumers.

From time to time we try a spirit we like so much - we purchase the entire cask. Usually you can find around 12 bottles that are sold exclusively at our store. While most are Single Malt Scotches, we have recently added a proprietary Mezcal and Cognac. When a customer asks for a gift idea that's, "different" - showing them a bottle they can't get anywhere else is a great place to start.

At a gala pre-opening dinner for Le Cirque 2000 Park Avenue Liquor Shop's owner, Michael S. Goldstein received the first European Wine Ambassador's Award. Created by European Wine Council, it recognizes a professional whose knowledge, educational and promotional efforts of behalf of European wines enhance the enjoyment for all. As reported in the Wine Enthusiast, "Michael Goldstein has rarely sought the spotlight in his distinguished career but this time it found him."

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