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Blue Agave Plant


Contrary to popular belief, tequila isn't from a cactus and doesn't need a worm as an essential part of the process. Traditionally, it is made in the Tequila region of Mexico from the fermented juices of the blue Agave plant. Although the blue Agave may appear similar to a cactus it actually is a member of a different genus group altogether. As for the worm at the bottom of the bottle, it is a very well known legend but also completely untrue. A worm was once placed in the bottle as a simple marketing ploy and it obviously worked.

Blanco (White or Silver) - An unaged tequila that goes directly from distillation to the bottle.

Oro (Gold) - This is when caramel flavors are added to Blanco tequila in order to smooth out the taste.

Reposado (Rested) - In order to be labeled as a Reposado, the tequila must be aged for at least two months in oak barrels.

Anejo (Aged) - The Anejo is aged in oak barrels for at least one year.

Reserva - Although not a category in itself, it is a special Añejo that certain distillers age in oak casks for up to 8 years.

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Vodka can come from grains or even potatoes


What Is Vodka Made of and Where Did It Originate?

Both Russia and Poland claim to be the originators of vodka. Vodka is produced from the fermentation of a sugar source by yeast. Most vodka comes from cereals, such as rye, wheat, oats and barley, but it can even be produced from potatoes.

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Brandy is matured in Oak Barrels

Brandy & Cognac

The ABCs of VS, VSOP & XO
There are different legal classifications for Armagnac, Calvados (dry Brandy made from apples) and Cognac. The two most important factors are age and time spent maturing in oak barrels. First let's define the labels.

VS = Very Special
VSOP = Very Superior Old Pale
XO = Extra Old

For the different brandies the classifications breakdown as follows:

Armagnac VS = A 2 year minimum in barrels.

Armagnac VSOP = A 5 minimum year in barrels.

Armagnac XO = A 6 year minimum in barrels.

Armagnac Hors d'Age = A 10 year minimum in barrels.

Armagnac Vintage = All of the grapes must be from the harvest year that appears on the label.

Calvados Fine/Three Stars = A 2 year minimum in barrels.

Calvados Vieux/Reserve = A 3 year minimum in barrels.

Calvados VO/Vieille Reserve/VSOP = A 4 year minimum in barrels.

Calvados Extra/XO/Napoleon/Hors d'Age/Age Inconnu = A 6 year minimum in barrels.

Cognac VS/Three Stars = A 2 year minimum in barrels.

Cognac VSOP = A 4 year minimum in barrels.

Cognac XO/Hors d'Age/Napoleon/Extra = A 6 year minimum in barrels.

Cognac Vintage = All of the grapes must be from the harvest year that appears on the label.

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A party without glass is a party without class.

Having a Party?

How to Stock A Basic Party Bar:

(2) Bottles of Vodka. The Vodka will go the fastest. Be prepared. Sure we have Grey Goose. We also recommend Zyr.

(1) Bottle of Gin. For Martinis and your favorite tonic. Sure we have Bombay. We also recommend Junipero.

(1) Bottle of Dark Rum. Always a crowd pleaser! Sure we have Captain Morgan. We also recommend Ron Zaccapa.

(1) Bottle of White Rum. Someone always prefers the light-stuff. Sure we have Meyer's. We also recommend 10 Cane.

(1) Bottle of Tequila. For Margaritas, Shots, & Sips. Sure we have Jose Cuervo. We also recommend El Tesoro.

(1) Bottle of Tennessee Whisky. Used for many a mixed drink. Sure we have Jack Daniels. We also recommend George Dickel.

(1) Bottle of Single-malt Scotch. At least one to start. Sure we have Macallan. We also recommend Balvenie.

(1) Bottle of Blended Scotch. Don't underestimate its popularity. Sure we have Dewar's. We also recommend Johnnie Walker.

(1) Bottle of Bourbon. It's not just for Coke anymore. Sure we have Maker's Mark. We also recommend Basil Hayden.

Other items you might consider:

(1) Bottle of Schnapps. Try Peachtree, Rumplemintz and Black Haus for example.

(1) Bottle of Triple Sec. Bols or Binyamina.

(1) Bottle of Sweet/Dry Vermouth. Try Martini & Rossi, Noilly Pratt, Vya, or Cinzano Boissiere.

(1) Bottle of Coffee Liquor. Try Baileys, Kahlua, Starbucks, or Patron XO Café

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How many drinks per bottle?

Here are an estimated number of drinks can should expect per bottle - depending on what you are serving. Below are charts for Mixed Drinks and Wine/Champagne.

Liquor: Cocktail - Mixed Drinks: (Estimating 1.5oz of liquor per serving):
Bottle Size Yield
Fifth (750ml) 16 33 67 101 135 169 203 Servings
Liter bottle 22 45 90 135 180 225 270 Servings
Magnum bottle 39 78 157 236 315 394 473 Servings
Number of bottles 1 2 4 6 8 10 12

Wine - Champagnes: (Estimating 5oz. per serving.)
Bottle Size Yield
Fifth (750ml) 5 10 20 30 40 50 60 Servings
Liter bottle 6 13 27 40 54 67 81 Servings
Magnum bottle 10 20 40 60 81 101 121 Servings
3 Liter bottle 20 40 80 121 161 202 242 Servings
4 Liter bottle 27 54 108 162 216 270 324 Servings
Number of bottles 1 2 4 6 8 10 12

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Explanation of Bottle Sizes

Half-bottle: 375 Milliliters

Bottle: 750 Milliliters "Fifth"

Magnum: 1.5 Liters Double-magnum: 3 Liters

Jeroboam:* 5 Liters (L), except when used to designate Burgundy or Sparkling Wine, in which case the contents are 3 Liters.

Rehoboam: Same literage jeroboam, but in a bottle of different shape.

Imperial: 6 Liters

Methuselah: Same literage as an Imperial, but in a bottle of different shape.

Salmanazar: 9 Liters

Balthazar: 12 Liters

Nebuchadnezzar: 12 to 16 Liters

Melchoir: 18 Liters

Case: 12 standard bottles, 24 half-bottles or 6 Magnums

* Note that prior to 1978 Bordeaux wines bottled in Jeroboams were typically 4.5 Liter bottles.

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